Deathwish Modz

Death Trap II


This beauty of an RDA was built for flavor, while handling high power without issues.

The new airflow pattern on the front allows you to block all or part of the top row holes, as well as the bottom row. The back airflow holes can be partially or fully blocked as well.

The deep well of the RDA allows for a good quantity of e-liquid without spilling, and you'll find the usual "Deathwish" engraving on the bottom of the deck. Grooves on the side of the deck will help positioning the coil while installing it.

The new revised clamp system will make it easier for more intricate builds to be installed, while still accommodating simple builds. The clamp system has a clear space behind it to make it easy to trim excess leads.

Here's what included with the DTII :

• Deathtrap II RDA
• Regular and squonk 510 pin
• Spares (screws, o-rings, etc.)

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