FreeMax Maxpod NS Mesh Coils


FreeMax Maxpod NS Mesh Coils 5pk

Replacement coils for the FreeMax Maxpod Kit. The NS Mesh Coil is equipped with FM SaltCoilTech 2.0 which applies a Honeycomb Mesh & Flax Cotton & Organic Cotton Formula. With the FreeMax patented NS Mesh Coil Technology, inspired by their world-known Fireluke and M Pro line, it's customized to preserve the original flavor while increasing the throat hit for both salt nicotine and freebase e-liquids. The 1.0Ω and 1.5Ω NS Mesh Coils are customized to meet your distinct demands for both nic salt and freebase e-liquids. 

NS Mesh 1.0Ω Coil

Wattage: 11W

66.66% Flax Cotton & 33.34% Organic Cotton

Nic Salt (Best: 20mg-30mg) & Freebase E-Liquids  (Best: 3mg-12mg)

Focused on Flavor & Vapor

NS Mesh 1.5Ω Coil

Wattage: 8W

44.44% Flax Cotton & 55.56% Organic Cotton

Nic Salt (Best: 30mg-50mg) & Freebase E-Liquid (Best: 12mg-24mg)

Focused on Nicotine Intake & Throat Hit

Highly Recommended if using Tobacco Flavored E-liquids

Sold in 5 packs.

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