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Nectar Collector Kit by Lotus Glass


Nectar Collector Kit by Lotus Glass

T H E   M O S T   P O R T A B L E   D A B   R I G .

The Nectar Collector is becoming one of the hottest dab rigs on the market, mainly because of it's portability and its unique vertical vaporizing process that helps you efficiently vape your shatter, wax, or other wax concentrates. The ability to be able to dab in a downward vertical position is so much more convenient when compared to a regular dab rig, which requires you to heat a dab nail and then use the tip of a dab tool of carb cap to touch the dab nail in order for you to start inhaling your dab hit.

It may not be as fast as a traditional portable wax pen but it's definitely the most efficient way to have a great dabbing experience on-the-go. 


Most Portable Dab Rig

Spill-Proof Design


Quartz Material

10mm Female Joints

6 inch Length

For Dabbing Shatter, Crumble, etc. 

Box Contents:

6" Nectar Pipe

Personal Glass Wax Dish

10mm Titanium Tip

10mm Nectar Collector Mouthpiece

Protective Gift Box


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